I don't know how I missed it, but there is soo many job listing services for game production art! There were a few listings I would actually apply for if I didn't still have a full year of school left. Finding all of those job postings (and being willing to move to another city) really boosts my confidence in being able to find a job right out of school.

I would really like to live in a few other cities while I am young, so it all works out, really. Though, at the same time, I really do enjoy Richmond. There are also some game studios in the vicinity of my parents house, and while I thought that might be appealing at first, I am certain I will never live with my parents again. I refuse, haha.

In the past week or so, I have made many updates to my website. I hope to have a decent portfolio together by the end of summer. So that will mean doing lots of studies, and then putting that knowledge to use!

I am putting together a step by step for a character drawing I am doing, and I think I want to make a section somewhere to put tutorials, and screen capture videos. Though, I am not sure yet, how I will go about it. (Im open to suggestions.) Hopefully I can help some total newb who knows nothing learn a thing or two from my scribling.

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