The real work begins.

Well, classes have come to an end and I have mixed feelings about that. I feel that as each semester passes, I can see things a bit clearer. As if I am walking in a cloud, an it slowly becomes less dense as time passes.

I think I have finally realized what its is going o take in order to become an artist, and live off my wares. Until now I have been on the precipice of drawing for fun, and drawing seriously. I am now fully committed to taking my self and my art seriously. Which in turn, means drawing much much more. And frankly, I am really excited for it!

This month is sketchbook month, and it could not be a better month. The requirement is to fill a fifty page book in one month. And in order to prove to myself I am actually committed, I have picked up a hundred page book that I will fill.

I think I might post them here as well as sketchbook month.

Here we go!


Jeff Love said...

Nice art blog. Time to get serious.

Anonymous said...

alright you've talked the talk now lets see you walk the walk... come on whit totally own that sketchbook!