I got a job!

I landed a job at a small game developer in Burke Virginia. It was quite a coincidence, actually. I was on craigslist assessing the market for graphic design jobs, and I saw a listing for a 3d modeler for this small comapny. I can do 3d if I have to, but I sent them my website portfolio, and me resume, and asked if they had any concept art jobs. They made me do a small art assessment and now they want an interview.

It's not locked in at this point, so this post may be a bit premature. But based on a few things, it seems safe enough to say that I got the job, and the interview is a formality.

This is great for me because I was not intending to land anything this early. I thought I would be working retail by day, and on my portfolio at night to land my first gig. And while this company is extremely small, and that this is their first game, it is still a much better opportunity for me to learn many things while working on my portfolio at the same time. not to mention, this spot can go on a resume, where cashier is not something that will impress any developer.

I would link their site, but its kind of ugly. I'm going to help them with that. :P

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Dan Nelson said...

Careful what you say. Google is a powerful tool.