College Before/After

Hey, been a while since I updated anything here. But I have been busy! Doing lots of work in my sketchbook, and I have picked up a few freelance contracts which are under NDA, so can't post that stuff yet (or maybe ever! :/ )

But here is something I did for fun. I like to go back a re-draw some of my work sometimes. The original drawing here was something I drew a few months before attending VCU, and I redid it a month or so back (a few months after graduating). So it's a pretty good indication of my progress through school. I wasn't the best when I started school, but just putting in the hard work can pay off!

Still have a ways to go! Also, expect some portfolio updates soon, too. I have some projects that I want to finish before I post.


Vickie said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

So glad you went to school. ;)